Hi, I’m Joe. I’ve been into computers ever since I played games on a Commodore 64 as a boy and learned to touch type. I remember reading a thick MS-DOS 5.0 manual when I built our 386 computer to figure out what it could do, and I’m still slogging through documentation today to learn the latest software tools.

I graduated college in the 2000’s with a Computer Science degree and I’ve had an winding journey from IT/tech support to network engineering, to cloud engineering, and then finally to software engineering. I love the creativivity that it allows, and it’s satisfying to build tools that other people will use.

I worked for consultancies for several years and then took a sabbatical to take some time off for self-imporovement and think about what I want for the future. I’ve been using this time to work on building better habits to improve my health and personal life, do a lot of reading, pick up guitar as a hobby, study multiple frontend JavaScript frameworks, and most recently I’ve been diving deep into Golang since I’ve found myself more interested in building backend software than building UIs.

I’m currently building an issue tracker like Trello with some inspiration from JIRA. I’m focusing on the backend logic and API to hone my Go skills and figure out best practices, but I plan to build a UI for it once that is done. You can go take a look over on GitLab if you want to see my code. It’s open-source!

My contact links are on the home page, so feel free to reach out.