Hi, I’m Joe. I’ve been into computers ever since I played games on a Commodore 64. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with BS in Computer Science and I’ve had a winding carrer ranging from tech support to network engineering to cloud engineering, and finally to software engineering. I love the creativivity that writing software allow. It’s like making sand castles at the beach when you were a kid, taking something from your imagination and making it “real”.

I’ve worked for consultancies for the past several years before taking a sabbatical to take some time off for self-improvement and think about what I want for the future. I’ve been using this time to work on building better habits to improve my health and personal life, learn guitar, learn Spanish, and do a lot of reading. For professional development, I studyed multiple frontend JavaScript frameworks before giving that up and deciding that I want to focus more on backend systems, so I’ve been studying Golang and building some projects to get good at it.

You can go take at some of my open-source code over at GitLab.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.